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Guru Privacy Statement / Disclaimer:

The VideoLink Guru Database is a secure directory of voluntarily supplied VideoLink and ReadyCam® customer contact information, intended solely for use by approved broadcast network booking contacts and media booking agencies affiliated with VideoLink, Inc. Access to this database is limited to users with proper access login and password verification. VideoLink, Inc is not responsible for any content provided by a Guru contact or member. The views and opinions expressed by the contacts listed in the Guru database are not a reflection the official positions or viewpoints of VideoLink, Inc.

No information posted on the Guru database site will be sold, shared, or rented, in ways different than what is disclosed within this statement. All photographs and news video clips are the property of their respective owners. VideoLink, Inc. reserves the right to remove, edit or amend Guru database information at its sole discretion at any time. VideoLink, Inc. reserves the right to change the policy on use of information collected at any time.

The Guru database may contain links to sites owned and/or operated by other organizations, and the privacy policies of those sites may differ from that of VideoLink, Inc. We encourage you to review the privacy policies posted on all third-party sites.

Privacy Statement